Get Paid for your Photos at CanStockPhoto

Still looking for programs that will pay you for your photos? I found this site like a month ago but it's only now that I have some free time to write posts. Check CanStockPhoto. Aside from the quality and other requirements, I think the following need attention

All images submitted to Can Stock Photo must meet certain file restrictions. Each file must be at least 3.0 megapixels in size. They also may not be over 20MB in disk size. We only accept .JPG files in regular RGB format.

You can use the earnings to buy credits or you can request cash or Paypal payment when your balance reach $100.If you can join all of these get paid for your photos program and upload quality photos, it can become a passive income earner in the future so it's wise to check them out now :)

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Jarlaxle said…
Gonna try this out :)
Fleur said…
You better and then post here when you've earned your first check :)

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