Gold Investment

The price of gold in the past 30 days has been down from $688.80/ounce to $652.50 per ounce . But looking at the price of gold in a 10-year period, the price has gone up from from a low price of $252.80/ounce to a high price of $725.75/ounce.

Even if it's now the age of technology, gold has never lost its charm since the ancient times. In fact, market analysts predicts that the price of gold will continue to rise more because of the law of supply and demand. More people investing in gold, the lesser the supply, the higher the price will be.

In the form of bullion bars, coin or ingot, people can now invest and own gold the fast and easy way with Monex Precious Metals, personally delivered or stored in a secured and safe location. The fact that Monex is one of America's best investment dealers not only in gold but also other precious metals and that it offers competitive prices within the market, investors can surely get more value for their money.


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