A Visit at Technorati

I've been busy this month with other personal projects while at the same time trying to gain more knowledge on other avenues of earning online. Although I am online, self-study is really time-consuming. I had limited blog posts for this month because of these activities.

Today, I was able to visit again the sites I frequently visit before and that includes Technorati . The last change I noticed was the Technorati authority. I even made a draft blog post about the subject but never got the time to finish and publish it.

Now, even the lay-out and design of the website have changed. Looks like top programs are implementing major changes and adding more features to keep being on top. I hope the changes are well-received by visitors and other users as well.

I also noticed that one of the blogs I made for a site has been picked up by Technorati although I have not submitted the blog yet. It is still an unfinished project anyway.

The changes might have been implemented some days ago so if you are like me who have not visited the site for quite sometime now, visit it now. :)


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