A Weekend Seminar with Joel Christopher

Joel ChristopherWhile searching for more programs on my series, I would like to share to you that I had attended a live seminar workshop with Joel Christopher, TheMasterlistBuilder himself last weekend. Well, that was the first time I attended an online marketing-themed seminar.

Joel Christopher was able to cover what starters to online marketing should know. Some of the topics were

  • Internet Marketing Methods

  • Pros and Cons of Earning Money Online

  • Basic Requirements of an Online Business

  • Online Business Models

  • Other subtopics

Although I have read numerous testimonials and e-books about online marketing, it is still a bit different hearing a successful people themselves talk about their hardships before the success.

Aside from Joel Christopher, Ian del Carmen was also present. Both are now considered successful worldwide in their chosen field.

I was out of the office few minutes after 8am and the seminar was scheduled at 9am. It was a fun Saturday morning although I was late (again). By the way, the seminar was free making it more fun :)

More blessing guys and thank you :)


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