Mash That News and Get Paid

Do you know that displaying timely and relevant news and video clips on your website can be both beneficial to your readers and to you as the website owner? Readers acquire information they need while you get paid for every views made. The only basic requirement is to mash news and videos from The News Room (TNR). Right, the term used is 'mash' which means embedding a feed, a video, an image or story on your website.

Get to display legally on your website thousands of relevant news and videos from TheNewsRoom. Copy the code to display the news or videos. When a story or video is mashed, a tracking system and dashboard records where the feeds and stories have traveled on the Web and how often they are viewed. Content from TheNewsRoom is accompanied by ads. As the number of viewers to the embedded video or news inceases, the payment also increases. A video feed viewed on your website can earn as much as $4 per CPM - cost per thousand impression. You can also earn if a video mashed on your own website is mashed on another website. Earnings can go as high as $1.

TheNewsRoom also features Loyalty Program to deserving publishers or bloggers. Loyalty prizes can be digital cameras to a new car.

Aside from acquiring quality content for our own websites, it is free to join which makes the program more attractive for everyone. If you need relevant information to support your opinions or viewers, The News Room migh just have the right material for you.


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