Today, I found another program that offers opportunity to earn additional income through blogging.

Check on Bloggerwave, the newest get paid to blog program in town. It is free to join so go and sign-up. After signing-up, submit your blog for approval. Expect an email notification for approved blogs in less than 12 hours. Once you have an approved blog, check on the 'Open Opportunities' and choose the tasks you want to blog on. Start earning. Do not forget to edit your pay-out details :)

The website has a nice lay-out, clean presentation and fast loading so even if you are only using a dial-up connection, you will still have an easy access to the blogger dashboard. Disclosure of sponsored posts is required.

My first task only requires 50 words and it is worth $10 so go, sign-up and start earning from Bloggerwave, too. :)

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