Capella University

When long distance learning was first introduced, it was done through courier or postal mail. The education process was quite slow. As technology improved, so was the educational system. There are now online educational programs, not only tutorials for specific subjects but includes masteral and doctorate degrees as well.

One of the programs noted for researching and improving the quality of delivering education online is capella university. Course offerings are continously improved and specifically designed to meet the needs and demands of an online education. One of this is Statistical literacy. It is an online course at Capella University that "concentrates on the application of critical thinking skills to arguments involving statistics. Emphasis is placed on the learner as a consumer of statistics rather than a producer of statistical calculations. Course activities focus on the interpretation, evaluation, and communication of real-world situations and news stories."

Aside from improved courses, Capella University regularly releases podcasts entitled Inside Online Education. These are podcasts interviews of students, faculty and staff where they share their own online education experiences. On May 2007, Capella University released its latest podcast featuring a conversation with Carla Chladek.

Carla Chladek - Capella PhD student - works as Program Manager for the Joint Staff Training Program at the Pentagon. She is responsible for ensuring that the training needs are met for the 2,000 military members who support the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Podcast RSS feed ca be subscribed at or from iTunes.

Capella University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA),


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