E-Gold Funds in Cash

After some days of thinking where to spend my remaining e-gold funds, I was able to encash the funds instead saving me from unnecessary spendings. The only remaining funds I have are those that are in investment pools and that of my funds in Marketiva.

Just an overview, the acquisition and price of e-gold went down in the past weeks because of the indictment filed by the US government. E-gold was also required to submit the database of its users to the authority. Some large e-gold users are alleged to have accounts locked out affecting their businesses.

Because of this, e-gold exchangers stopped accepting sell orders. If they accept orders, they already increased their transactions fees. Aside from an increased in transaction fees, the price also dropped down.

It's a total relief that e-gold users are aware of what is happening giving us enough time to encash our funds.

I may still be using e-gold for future transactions where it is accepted. E-gold afterall is still the most convenient method of payment for me.

By the way, what I have encashed are all purely online earnings and I hope to fund my e-gold account again with online earnings :)


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