Get Paid for Your Photos at Stockxpert

In my long absence, I would like to start with another program where you can get paid for submitting your photos, Stockxpert.

With Stockxpert, photographers are paid 50% for every generated download. Payments are made via Paypal, Ikobo, Moneybookers, check by mail and can also be converted to download credits of desired images.

Do you have your own website? You can also earn additional income by being an Stockxpert affiliate. When you send customers to Stockxpert, an affiliate receives 10% of the generated sales. A payment will be made for a minimum amount of $50 via Paypal, Ikobo or Moneybookers. To avail of the affiliate commission, apply as an Stockxpert affiliate.
Applications for both photographer and affiliate are both easy and done online so add Stockxpert to your online programs. Remember, you can always upload the images you have already submitted to other programs :)

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