Lowest Unique Bid Wins

Here's another great scoop for those who love to win prizes like me. That's right, prizes and not just small prizes but great prizes like this BMW :)

What is also great about winning the prize is its free to join and if you win, Bid4Prizes will even handle the shipping. All you need to do is to participate and place the lowest bid which you think is unique. When bidding ends and you got the lowest bid, you will win the prize.

Don't worry about the amount you bid on. You will not pay for that. The bid amount is only used to determine the lowest unique bid and eventually will be used to determine who wins the prize. If you don't win, you still earn points for playing which you can use to claim a reward once you reach 1000 points.

There is enough time left to place your bids so check the other great prizes - cash, cruise, laptop - and bid on.


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