Market Research With Synovate

Before establishing a business whether offline or online, market research is needed in order to find out what business is more profitable for a certain location at a specified period of time. Market research is not only being carried out by business but also government entities. Knowing the factors that might affect the success or failure of a business, how consumers will react to a certain a product or idea is a must.

This is what Synovate - a global research company - is providing its customers. Synovate' research works cover wide array of area of interest that have helped companies to arrive at crucial decision. Health care, agriculture, food and beverages, government, retailing, information technology and financial services are just but few of the field of interest they cover.

Operating in six continents, in 52 countries and 24 timezones, Synovate will surely provide your company timely and global market research that will help propel your business to success.

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Erik said…
Synovate recently struck up a big online panel partnership with GMI. Here's the press release:
Fleur said…
Thanks for the heads-up Eric :)

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