My Earning Journey for May

It is now June. Have you already counted how much you've earned for the month of May? I've made some pretty rough calculations already. It's not that much but it just proves that I can also earn an income online steadily if I want to. :D

If you have noticed, I have not blogged that much in May. It is because I had some difficulties with accepting payments from jobs, both Paypal and e-gold. Some payments were just gone in the wind. Also, since I was able to get a research and data entry job which practically covered the whole month of May, the blogs for May were just done in between the other extra jobs. :)

To sum it all, I have received a little higher than $100 for the extra jobs and an undisclosed amount (NDC policy) for the research job.

I also earned a few dollars studying forex... lol.... My forex account had a profit performance of 16.87% for the month of May alone. Comparing to a bank savings account earning about 1% a year, I say the performance is extremely well. Some floating losses exist though. Except for a trade on May 31 where I made a mistake in placing a target on a SHORT position instead of the LONG position effectively closing the position at -3 points, all closed trades were in profit.

Another loss for May came from one of the two online pools I've joined but those were beyond my control. The programs yield high income but also come with high risk.

It is now June and it is nice to look back that, in my search for an extra income online, I have not failed. Earning an extra income in between my regular job and having a family to take care of, I say I've done pretty well.

I've already started the month of June with some blog posts, another set of research work and a partnership with another webmaster. I also plan on continuing my data entry position once some things are sorted out and see how will I perform with online marketing.

That's the overview for my May earning journey. I hope you did well, too :)


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