My Earning Journey with PayPerPost

Have you ever wondered how much have I earned so far with PayPerPost? Have I really been paid for the blogs that are sponsored by them? I can say gladly say that they do pay and I've already received and spent my payments from the program. :D

PayPerPost is one of the first programs I joined when I decided to do paid blog reviews. That was in the last week of February. I earned $30 for 3 blog posts. I also made it to the list of the blogs with a tack rating of 5 and with 2 positive votes. Tack rating is how PayPerPost rate their bloggers with 5 as the highest rating.

I continued to do blog reviews for PayPerPost on March where I earned $58 for 9 blog posts. I could have made more if I did not choose the opportunities I took. And this is what I like about paid blogging. I can choose only the opportunities I like to write which I may also do without being paid if circumstances were any different.

I stopped blogging April and May and I only realized now while reviewing my chart. Looking back, it was because of some offline business, my regular job, set-up some websites and some research jobs that have taken most of my time.

Now, I am back again blogging with 3 blog posts on the last day of May. Although I still have some other extras on the side, I'll try to regularly visit my PayPerPost and maybe blog even just one opportunity for every visit so that by next month, I can post more PayPerPost earnings. It's only the 2nd day of June and I am about to pass that mark :)

By the way, my Journey to Earning Income Online just got accepted for PPP Direct. I have no idea about PPP Direct until I receive a notification that I qualified. Since I do not remember applying for it, it was really quite a surprise for me. Let's see if this can be bring additional income for this blog. :)


J said…
I will be submitting my blog for PayPerPost once it meets the qualifications (90 days old, minimum pagerank) and I'm encouraged by success stories like yours.
Fleur said…
That's a small amount yet compared to what others are earning but just knowing that you can really earn online without paying anything is already an achievement. Not everyone knows that there extra if not full income even online.

:) I've read some entries of your blog and for sure you will be successful as well, if not more. Yeah, I know I do scan reading sometimes :D

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