Say No to Drugs

This is not an income-related entry and most importantly, this one does not apply to myself but it will might help you or someone you know with their drug treatment.

Drug addiction is one of the worst problems that our society faces. People, both young and old, once addicted with drugs had difficulty getting over the addiction. Life, health and resources are wasted for nothing. Some may get or seek help and be treated but there are those who just die with the addiction. is a non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation referral service. The website - - presents extensive information about drug addiction and rehabilitation information. If you know someone who needs information and help regarding their drug addiction problem, you can call the program's toll-free number. People usually call if they are looking to find treatment for themselves or a loved one.

Drug addiction is caused by many factors and so are the rehabilitation activities involved. Get to know what programs can relate more with the cause of the addiction for faster treatment and recovery. Help someone cope with his drug addiction problems. There is a brief online assessment form to be filled or you may call the toll-free number.

Enjoy life. Do not get hooked with drugs.


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