ShutterStock Member Paid for $351 in 1 Day

Here is an inspiration for you who have not yet decided on what activities can let your earn a passive income online.

A ShutterStock submitter has posted total photo downloads of 1170 earning him $351 in just 1 day. Wow, I can decide to retire now if I can get paid for my photos as much as that daily. :) Take note that he has also earned $282.30 just the day before. And who knows how much he has earned from photos the prevvious and next days after he posted.

The amount of $351 in one day maybe small when compared to the income of other people who are earning thousands of dollars online but take note that that amount is only for 1 day. It's actually a passive income because same photos can earn again the next days to come.

If you got the eye for capturing details and beauty, you will do well in getting paid for your photos. There are other get paid for your photos programs and you can submit the same photos (unless you give exclusive license) to all of them.

Before you sign up at ShutterStock , prepare a scanned copy of your passport and billing address because they need it to authenticate your information.

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