Spy Sweeper

Are you aware about the risks involve while surfing the internet? Do you feel safe while browsing your favorite sites? How about when you are downloading your favorite music and some original and forwarded messages from friends which you think are worth keeping?

As a newbie internet user then, I don't worry about such things. As long as I have an internet access, I am already contented with that. I also disable anti-virus programs and spyware detector and removal tools because they slow down my computer operation and access. I was using a dial-up before.

With the antivirus program and spyware detector removed, my computer is still performing slower than the usual. Friends informed me that I need to scan my computer for viruses and spywares because I might have some infections already. I enabled my antivirus programs and for spyware removal, they recommended that I scan my PC with Spy Sweeper to check for possible spywares lurking around.

I've downloaded installed Spy Sweeper and run a custom mode scanning only my Drive C. The scan was finished in just a few minutes. Some keylogger programs were also found. I've also scanned my other drives and it was done in about 15 to 20 minutes revealing the list of spywares attacking my computer and resulting to a very slow operation. I've reformatted my PC, installed fresh software, antivirus and spy sweepers and since then, I have not encountered yet problems that can't be handled.

It is always recommended to keep your antivirus program and spy sweeper running for the protection of the PC itself, other information that these spywares might get and to save time and resources because they really slow down the operation of your PCs.


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