Do You Have A Mailing List?

The past three weeks were spent on starting new sites including a blog and some forums with specific niches, some highly technical while some have general topics. Professional netpreneurs who have been in the business for years have always written that the best way to promote a site, a service or a product is through mailing list and I thought I might give it a try one of these days.

Instead of starting from scratch building my own mailing list, I thought of buying a list. I have done some readings and Martin Worldwide came up. Information provided states that one can buy lists from Martin Worldwide whose database is over 290 million US consumers and 14 million US business records. The list is constantly updated to provide the most responsive and targeted lists. With such extensive database, one need not spend much resources and time developing the list.

The database figures alone are awesome. If I can have that list with even 1% conversion of the products or sites I promote, I'd be more than happy. Wouldn't you?


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