Getting Intimate with SMF Script

I've been moderating an SMF forum for about a year now and I thought I can handle administrating one so naturally, I choose the script for my SMF test forum. But I found out, moderating and administrating are two different things.

In moderating a forum, I can just focus my attention to what's going on at the forum without interacting with other users. In administration, I need to reach out and interact with the world outside the forum.

After some days of trying to figure out how to customize the look of my SMF test forum using help requests from other SMF users (some have answers, others none), I finally found a way to make the mods I installed working with the theme I choose. Actually, I was given an answer but it was too complicated for a little bit crowded brain :)

Like before, when I found a job too complicated, I try to find ways to make it simpler. Finally, after a month of experimenting (with some other jobs in between like my blog's current header, a blog, a directory, regular job not to mention my household chores :D) I personally found the answer.

Do you want to know what it is? I'd be glad to share it to you :)


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