June Earning Performance

July is here and one-half of the year 2007 has gone by. I lost track of my other earnings for June but like my post on the beginning of the month, I hope to exceed my previous earnings and I can say I am successful. My June PayPerPost blogging alone totalled to more than a $100 exceeding the total of my previous earnings with the program. With other paid to blog programs paying well, I can say June was a good month.

I was able to acquire also additional 13 domains as payment for services. Unfortunately, the person who purchased the 11 domains is not Paypal verified that GoDaddy refunded the payments and cancelled the registrations. Refunds are still being processed. I have pending design work for him until such time I receive the payments. I am still planning what to do with my 2 latest domains but for sure, it is related to blogging and photography.

I am also almost finished with my 2nd research project. Hopefully, I can finish it today so I can start with a new one.

My forex trading study has increased my principal by 13.71% for June 2007. Not a bad performance considering bank savings are only earning an interest of 0.8% to 1% annually.

Lastly, I was able to encourage 5 people this month to earn extra income online. :)


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