What Keeps Me Busy These Days

Since I finished my research work, I have been working on establishing a support forum for my small offline business. Details are found on my PLX LoadXtreme blog. The forum is at Prepaid Business and Mobile Phones Forum and currently using the Simple Machines forum script.

I have installed a more appropriate theme but the mods I needed for the ongoing promotion do not seem to work so have to revert it back to the default theme. I find establishing a forum exciting. I've been doing unpaid moderating jobs but nothing can compare to the excitement of administrating a forum.

Again, I may not earn some $$$ (funny but I already earned a few dollars) but the experience is priceless... Also, it might save me few text messages in the future if visitors can just read or post their queries / questions on the forum instead of sending SMS messages.

Would you want to try it out? :)


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