Your Van as a Home

A few days ago, I've read a post of a travel writer who lives on his van taking pictures and writes articles about the places he passes or visits. What caught my attention was the picture he took of his van. The inside was really like a small house. A kitchen, a bed and a small table. Living alone, well, I can say it is pretty much complete.

As expected, his van rack was filled with other gadgets. Quite goodlooking and sturdy, I should say. Knowing that the comfort of his travel partly depends on those gadgets tied well on the van rack, I must say he must have spent quite an amount of money.

His travel photos and articles have lead him to a company who has been sponsoring his travel since then. The company also pays him for his output. Being a part of a company with so much privilege, owning a beautiful van complete with all the amenities might not be that heavy in the pocket after all.


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