Online Payment Processors

When working and / or receiving payments online, choosing which payment processor to use can also be a headache. In fact, some people can not participate with legitimate and paying programs if the country of residence is not serviced by payment processor being used by the program. As a brief overview of the most popular payment processors being used online, here is a list.

1. Paypal - is a widely recognized payment processor. Although there are some issues like frozen funds, it is still the most trusted payment processor online. Paypal accounts should be verified first before any withdrawal can be made. Also, some countries are not serviced, some countries have sending capabilities only while some enjoy the full benefits. Check the Paypal website for the list of the countries that are currently serviced by Paypal.

For Filipinos and other Paypal account holders with send payments only, the account can not be funded. But, it can be used to pay or purchase online. Payments sent will be directly deducted from an attached debit/credit card that should have been verified first. I was able to verify my account via debit card.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

2. E-gold - is the first payment processor I signed up when I started working online. E-gold has encountered some problems since then but until now it is still functioning fairly well. I just visited the site and a blog has been added. Problems with hacking and phishing emails are abundant. My advice is do not click on any links sent through emails and regularly change your password.

e-gold payment processor

3. AlertPay - I signed up at AlertPay when one of the programs I joined only accept AlertPay as their way to pay. Although I have not used it as often as e-gold and Paypal, it is still good to open an account now for future use.

4. Moneybookers - So far, moneybookers is widely used by both gaming and non-gaming sites as their way to pay. I signed-up for this since one of my data entry jobs has only moneybookers and Paypal as their way to pay. With Moneybookers, an option to withdraw via bank transfer or through debit card is available and very convenient.

Moneybookers payment processor

5. Ikobo - If you are familiar with myLot - the popular get paid to post program, Ikobo is the payment processor it uses. There are other programs that accept and use Ikobo and it's getting popular so go ahead and secure your account.

iKobo - Secure way to transfer money.

These payment processors will not only enable you to receive payments from your online transactions but will also enable you to earn referral commissions when you join the affiliate program offered by each of them.

Always keep your accounts secure. Do not click on any links sent via email.


Laura said…
Thanks for this review. I knew about PayPal. I had not heard about the other two payment processors, though. Have you heard anything about a Microsoft sponsored payment processor?

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