A Remembrance

Sad to say but I have not kept in touch with my old friends and classmates. To the few whom I had some contacts, they've changed addresses or numbers. Since email and mobile numbers was not as popular in our time as now, it's somehow impossible to meet and reconnect with them except to visit those old places, the old school, which could be very expensive (yeah... money is always a factor) :d

Then, by accident, I found an email address of a dear friend. Excited to exchange greetings with him, I sent a one-liner email just to say hi. From that email, I found some old friends, dear old classmates and schoolmates. Some of them are already married with kids while some are still single. Some are prettier (most are girls because I studied in an exclusive school for girls in high school). I hope to meet more of them soon...

The image here is a 10-year old remembrance from my dear friend. Does he still remember this? I am not sure but I hope so. :)


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