You've Got CASH From

This morning, I was sorting through my emails since new spam emails were able to pass through my filters. Then my attention was caught with the words "You've Got CASH From". I thought it is just another update from APSense of some new features. Still, I opened my account and found $4.31 credited.

According to the email, my credits of 4314 was converted to cash with the conversion rate of $1=1000 credits. Isn't that nice? If you'll ask me what did I do to get the credits, I am not quite sure. Except for writing an article when I joined and accepting about 4 invitations to add me in their contact list, I can't remember anything. :D

To know more about APSense, it is like the other popular networking sites in the internet today but with some twist: like a business center, an ad revenue sharing program, an auction site, a blog where you can write or promote any legal business or services you offer, some generous referral commissions and credits converted to cash or other services.

You can be a paid member or join for free here


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