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VR OKO Virtual Reality Headsets for Adult Video Content

In the past few weeks that I had been active earning online through cryptocurrency-related activities, I have witnessed how the industry has evolved with more and more use cases on how cryptocurrency can be used in growing businesses. Even the sudden jump of Bitcoin price from $6500/BTC to $19,000/BTC and drop again to $6300 has not affected the number of ICOs (initial coin offerings) being introduced or launched daily.

From these ICOs, I participated in some projects. These projects are the ones with available prototype or working products that just needed additional fundings for market expansion. The introduction of cryptocurrency is a bonus factor which will cater to clients that want anonymousity in their purchases.One of these ICOs is that of OKOIN - the first decentralized blockchain-based VR platform for 100 % anonymous adult content distribution. The project combines the blockchain with virtual reality using the VR OKO headset.


VR OKO virtual reality headsets i…

Embarrasing Confusion

Although a regular number of contacts are added to my Yahoo Messenger's list monthly, the number has surely increased increased this month of October. The unexpected connection with some old friends, some are high school and university classmates whom I had no contact with for many years, contributed to the number.

Now, here comes the embassing and confusing part. Just today, I sent a message to the wrong person A telling him I already sent the kit which he bought from me. Since, it was sent to the wrong person A , naturally, the person A asked, "What kit?". That was the only time I remembered my business transaction with person A is different.

I thought I have an organized contact list, grouped them according to transactions or events but still, I am making these embassing and silly mistakes. Oh well, I guess, it's a part of growing old :)

Online Casinos

Do you know that online casinos can also be a real source of fun and extra income? Lots of online casino players do not even need a money in order to start playing at an online casino game. They sign-up for fun and excitement. They search for available online casino bonuses, play with the bonus money and allowed to take out their winnings. If they lose, they only lost time and not necessarily money yet they gain an experience and maybe some strategies that they can use the next time they play.

So, how will an online casino player know which online casino offers the best and biggest bonuses not to mention a good track record of paying winners?

Aside from online casino players themselves, forums and review sites that specifically feature online casinos are the best resource before a player starts gambling with his money and time. is an online casino review site that has an extensive list of online casinos, including bonuses, certificates, player ratings and notes whether US res…

October 19

It's been 3 days since the much-talked about explosion at Glorietta 2 Mall in Makati. A total of 11 deaths as of today and more than a hundred of injured mallgoers. There are may speculations on why the explosion occured. For sure, the incident did not happen by accident. Innocent civilians are the victims.

I could have been one of the victims. I could have been in that building, visiting the shops and looking for something to buy. But fate intervened and my original schedule for October 19, 2007 did not materialize. I stayed at home (as usual) the whole day. Instead of going out, I spent the whole morning in bed, half-asleep, ordered some pizzas for the kids and watched cable TV in the afternoon.

I was enjoying the day since October 19 is a special day for me not knowing some innocent people have been the victim of senseless act, again. It's was originally a beautiful day that ended not so well.

Six (6) of the Best Real-Life Stories in Finance

Before I have learned to write simple notes and articles during my idle time, I was previously a voracious reader of any reading materials - textbooks, storybooks, magazines, pocketbooks, comics, even postcards and greeting cards.

Tonight, I have no writing assignments and I need a breather from analyzing and trying to understand some scripts I just installed. I spent the time communicating with friends, browsing and reading again then I found this interesting entry from CNN.
6 Best money memoirs
How would you rather learn about finance: from a dusty textbook, or a tale of towering egos and high-stakes gambling? Money Magazine picked out six of the best real-life stories. By David Futrelle, Money Magazine contributing writer
Mentioned in the article are 6 books of real-life stories from which we may be able to learn lessons on the different aspects of financial management.The Age of Turbulenceby Alan Greenspan (2007) - best book about prospering in today's economyReminiscences of a …

Use Coupons and Save Money

Lately, I found myself looking for coupons and deals for everything I am interested on buying. In fact, I recently used some discount coupons for one of my internet activities.

While browsing, I found several online discount codes for laptops, gadgets, accessories, flowers and shoes at EdealFinder. The deals even include pet-related discount codes. If you have a pet, then you should check their 1800PetMeds coupons. With 1800PetMeds coupon deals, you will not only get your pet's medication right infront of your door but can also save on shipping charges. That's time and money saved.

So before you decide on buying anything and placing your final orders, check those discount codes. Who knows? You might even get them for free. :)

Kilbride and Schaffer Sentenced for International Pornographic Spamming Business

As posted at, Jeffrey Kilbride and James Schaffer, both 41 years old were sentenced on October 11, 2007 for organizing and running an international pornographic spamming business that grossed over $1 million.

Kilbride and Schaffer were sentenced to 72 and 63 months in prison, respectively. They were also fined $100,000, ordered to pay $77,500 in restitution to AOL Inc. and jointly forfeit more than $1.1 million of illegal proceeds from their spamming operation.

They were previously convicted on 8 counts of violation last June 25, 2007 by a federal jury in Phoenix. Included in the violations are
violating the Controlling the Assault of Non-solicited Pornography and Marketing (CAN-SPAM) Act of 2003 by sending spam messages using falsified headers and domain namesconspiracyfraudmoney launderingand various obscenity charges.CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, a law designed to crack down on the transmission of pornography in commercial bulk unsolicited electronic mail messagesTheir p…

Payment Updates

Does a miracle happens when prayers are uttered loud for someone to hear? Like I posted a blog how sad I was with nonpayment issues and somehow people remembered they owe me something.

Well, I am still waiting for quite a big payment (for me) - supposed to be delivered last month and the last payment on the 16th of October. I hope he'll remember to send in the payments this time.

Million Dollar Web TV

It is a fact that in order to survive the competitive world of online marketing, one must provide a unique and innovative way of promoting the services or products being offered. Text link ads, banners, pop-up ads, email marketing, and even pixel advertising have all been used in the past.

With the popularity of online videos, new trends emerge. MillionDollarWebTV combined the power of pixel advertising - an advertising method where an ad space is measured in pixel and can last for years, with videos providing a unique marketing experience for both advertisers and viewers.

Aside from using videos, MillionDollarWebTV guarantees 10 years of ad space containing two permanent links to the advertiser's websites. Even a future sale guarantees a 10-year life span of the ad space. Unlimited number of videos can be uploaded and rotated anytime so even new products or services that may be introduced in the future can still be advertised using the same ad space.

Equally enticing is the offer of…

.ASIA Domain Launched

On October 9, 2007, the .asia domain was finally launched with trademark owners being the first priority to own the domain corresponding to their trademark names. Instead of the usual high fixed price for newly released TLDs, the price of domain with .asia TLD will depend on the popularity or desirability of the domain itself. If there are more than one applicant who qualify, a bidding on the domain in question will follow.

It is predicted that a "landrush" for .asia domains will be occur when registration of the said domain is opened to the public on February 2008.

If you are a trademark owner, you may want to read this Legal Alert and check if you qualify for the early registration of .asia domain. A timetable regarding the .asia registration is presented as follows:
.asia Early Sunrise Registration - October 9 to October 30, General Sunrise Registration - November 13, 2007 to January 15, Extended Protection - November 13, Landrush Period - ~Feb… Domain Price Increase Notification

As a customer of - domain registrar where some of my domains are registered - I received a notification today that starting October 14, 2007, there will be a slight increase in the domain prices.

Cited reason was that ICANN has allowed the price increase for some domain registries.

GoDaddy started its own price increase with the .info domain. Registration for the first year was originally $0.99 and is now currently at $2.99. That is a 200% price increase. Although the said price is already a sale price, it is still a price increase in the mind of regular domain buyers.

It is a wait and see period if other domain registrars will also increase their domain prices.

I included a portion of the newsletter below for reference on why the price increase will be implemented and what will the new domain prices will be.
In April 2007, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
approved certain domain registries to increase their prices. Domain registries
are the priv…

Dial A Flight to Australia

Who would not enjoy tropical holidays in Australia, its beautiful sceneries, the breathtaking architectural styles of its structures and the long strecth of its white sand beaches? If you have not gone there (including me) then for sure, someone's missing lots of fun.

If you think you don't want anymore to be one of those who just enjoy looking at the amazing pictures of Australia, then be sure to have a hassle-free booking of flight at DialAFlight.

For their holiday offers, cheap flights to Australia are available. Heathrow to Melbourne's faire is from £590 only, inclusive of tax. This offer is valid from 01 November 2007 until 09 December 2007.

Background info:
Dialaflight is a leading independent UK travel company offering flights, hotels & travel ideas worldwide. Full of useful travel information, the website is your starting place to find the holiday of your dreams. From here you can search for flights, hotels, car hire and many travel ideas in…

Do you know the saddest part of working online?

Do you know the saddest part of working online?


And that is really, really sad. Some will say it is a part of an online experience, to be unpaid from time to time or scammed. But, isn't that unfair? The job was done right and payments were promised to be paid yet payments never arrived.

Or, a job was rejected, unpaid yet the said rejected products were there in the market, being sold by the same person who evaluated that the product doesn't pass quality tests. He is making profits yet he doesn't want to pay the one who did all the hard work.

Give due respect to your fellow online workers, people. A simple message that you can't pay at the moment can go a long way.

Gifts For Him

Have you heard Christmas songs being played on the radio lately? Although Christmas doesn't mean gifts, we can't help but prepare some presents for our love ones especially our dear husband or maybe, still a boyfriend. Shopping gifts for him can take me to almost all the shops on the nearest mall and still end buying nothing because I always want to buy a present that will be very useful when he receives it.

This time, can I be wiser? Of course, not only me. You can too. We don't really need to go out and hurt those heels. Remember that with the power of internet, shopping is just an arms away.

I saw a metal pegboard at Car Guys Garage and I think that would be great to keep his tools organized. And if you have a garage, you might as well check those lovely cabinets. With about 1,000 products to offer, your garage might become his favorite place in the house.

Do You Count The Minutes?

Have you ever felt that waiting for the minute hand to finally point at the exact time is like a whole day of waiting? That's what I felt today. It is like the longest night of my life waiting for 7pm to finally come. A very simple, data entry job. It seems easy at first but well, I say it is quite a sacrifice just to sit and enter those texts for 8 hours with a few minutes break. Then, I remember the feeling of reporting to an 8-5 job and waiting for the time to finally go home.

Except for people whose life evolve during the night, I was the only one awake keeping my eyes open in order to recognize those confusing sets of characters. Eventhough my mind wants to produce an outstanding result, my physical body is giving up since I am quite tired from an orientation I attended then some window shopping again. I feel sorry for bringing the group down and I will understand if the next assignment is far behind.

I was asked why should I apply for such job when in fact I have other sourc…

Shopping Cart Software

Have you ever tried integrating an ecommerce software for your website or been commissioned to set-up one on a client's website? I was and I never thought that setting-up a shopping cart on a website can also be tricky and time consuming. It can also be unsecure especially if the person you hired for the job has no experience when it comes to shopping carts.

Instead of comprimising the security of your website which can lead to lost revenues and waiting for a shopping cart software to be integrated with your website, why not avail of the 10-day free trial being offered by AShop Commerce. An award-winning shopping cart software, AShop Commerce is the total solution for any type of shop you may have or thinking of setting-up. It is securely hosted, with full fraud alerts, web promotion services, design services and integrated payment processors including Paypal and Google Checkout.

Again, if you are undecided yet, take the free trial. AShop Commerce might prove to be one of the wiser …

Cheap Domains and Hosting

I am planning to register more domains this month (quite busy to work for free domains)so naturally, I searched for the cheapest domains that are available. I found out that Netfirms' domain is only $4.95 which already includes a basic web hosting. I think $4.95 is very affordable if you plan to have your own domain for your own blog or small business page.

If you plan on hosting a bigger site, checkout Dreamhost. It is where some of my domains are hosted because of its great hosting features. Just use their anniversary coupon 10ten10diez10dix10dieci10shi and you will get an annual hosting discount of $110.10.

PMT September EB

September 29, 2007 was a real busy day for me. Coming from an evening-shift work, then attending a whole day of kids' school activities - played Bingo and never win a thing, and meeting fellow PMTers at the PMT September EB - the day-ender that I almost missed.

Although I came in so late that I almost missed the PMT EB, an hour was enough to finally meet the persons behind the usernames. Futuregizmo (Pinoy Money Talk), bizsum (Business Summaries who was generous enough to let me use his Paypal account when I needed one), Mark So (Businessmaker Academy), santino (Pinoy Gold Exchange), maaku and ping (2 persons whom I transacted e-gold when I was new to online gigs), ingenieure and nailbiter (fellow moderators), twinkle ( yummy sweets), sam_1_els (well, I did not imagine that this is the person behind the trading brain), lehboy, jeff and many more but since I came in so late, they were all seated and busy listening to the presentors.

I wish I had taken my camera with me but the batte…

Payday Loans

Have you experienced worrying on where to get money to pay debts that have gotten out of control? How about credit card charges whose interests and penalties will also soon pile up if not paid as scheduled? Or maybe, some emergency expenses like medical bills?

You have already reached your credit card limit and applying for another credit line can really take long. The bills must be paid soon or you will be paying for another set of fees. Friends and relatives have their own debts to worry about. So, where can the money be coming from?

If you have heard of payday loans then it can only be the viable solution during these seemingly worse situations. Payday loans, sometimes called cash advance, are short-term loans that can be used to cover emergency expenses and bills until the next pay day. Unlike a credit line that will take up days before approval and documentary requirements to complete, a payday loan can be processed in a few hours by just providing a name, an address and bank deta…