Do You Count The Minutes?

Have you ever felt that waiting for the minute hand to finally point at the exact time is like a whole day of waiting? That's what I felt today. It is like the longest night of my life waiting for 7pm to finally come. A very simple, data entry job. It seems easy at first but well, I say it is quite a sacrifice just to sit and enter those texts for 8 hours with a few minutes break. Then, I remember the feeling of reporting to an 8-5 job and waiting for the time to finally go home.

Except for people whose life evolve during the night, I was the only one awake keeping my eyes open in order to recognize those confusing sets of characters. Eventhough my mind wants to produce an outstanding result, my physical body is giving up since I am quite tired from an orientation I attended then some window shopping again. I feel sorry for bringing the group down and I will understand if the next assignment is far behind.

I was asked why should I apply for such job when in fact I have other sources of income aside from my regular salary. Maybe, it is my naturally curious behavior that entices mo try one online job to another. Since I started my quest on how can I earn an extra income, I've tested the suggested ways, done this job and that, joined the discussions and learned some lessons and strategies along the way. The questions of "How do they it? Is it worth the pay? Can I do it, too? Will I be as successful as them?" will just keep on ringing until I try it.

So, there. Maybe next time, it will be a better experience to share. I will not be counting minutes as to when my assignment is over. Rather, I will be counting the minutes for my next assignment to come :)


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