October 19

It's been 3 days since the much-talked about explosion at Glorietta 2 Mall in Makati. A total of 11 deaths as of today and more than a hundred of injured mallgoers. There are may speculations on why the explosion occured. For sure, the incident did not happen by accident. Innocent civilians are the victims.

I could have been one of the victims. I could have been in that building, visiting the shops and looking for something to buy. But fate intervened and my original schedule for October 19, 2007 did not materialize. I stayed at home (as usual) the whole day. Instead of going out, I spent the whole morning in bed, half-asleep, ordered some pizzas for the kids and watched cable TV in the afternoon.

I was enjoying the day since October 19 is a special day for me not knowing some innocent people have been the victim of senseless act, again. It's was originally a beautiful day that ended not so well.


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