PMT September EB

September 29, 2007 was a real busy day for me. Coming from an evening-shift work, then attending a whole day of kids' school activities - played Bingo and never win a thing, and meeting fellow PMTers at the PMT September EB - the day-ender that I almost missed.

Although I came in so late that I almost missed the PMT EB, an hour was enough to finally meet the persons behind the usernames. Futuregizmo (Pinoy Money Talk), bizsum (Business Summaries who was generous enough to let me use his Paypal account when I needed one), Mark So (Businessmaker Academy), santino (Pinoy Gold Exchange), maaku and ping (2 persons whom I transacted e-gold when I was new to online gigs), ingenieure and nailbiter (fellow moderators), twinkle ( yummy sweets), sam_1_els (well, I did not imagine that this is the person behind the trading brain), lehboy, jeff and many more but since I came in so late, they were all seated and busy listening to the presentors.

I wish I had taken my camera with me but the battery was drained because of the whole school day affairs so I have to settle with the above picture of the group. December EB is already being planned as early as now so if you want to meet these people, why not join us next time :)
Edit: Additional group picture below


Nice meeting you there too! Hope to see you in our next EBs!
Fleur said…
Sir James, thanks for dropping by :)

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