Battle between PayPerPost and Google Pagerank

Well, this post is only to affirm what others may have already found out. I am quite a bit late again, as usual, as I was busy organizing my files for a new project I have in mind. I was about to rest for the day when I received the ezine from Easy Wordpress with the heading "Will PPP Bloggers Receive the Next Google Slap?".

What is this all about?!? Being a Payperpost blogger, it naturally caught my attention.

Another PR update? Didn't Google updated the PR first week of November?

I just checked my PR before the weekend and it was still in PR2. After reading the whole article and the comments at Easy Wordpress, I went to check my PR and it is now a PR0. Luckily, I have not used my other blogs for any paid blogging jobs (As if I have enough time to maintain other blogs... lol)

There are questions out there, PPP, paid blogging or Google PR? For sure, votes are divided again. PR and rate for paid blogs are directly proportional somehow. No PR, lower payout for paid blogs. Use more paid blogging programs, you get no PR. So sad to end the day.

Whose side are you on?


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