Better Late Than Never

I was site hopping again today (yesterday actually, because my browser stopped working while I was writing this post so I went to sleep) waiting for my downloads to finish when I searched on who might have mistakenly or generously gave some linky love on my one of my sites. To my surprise, I found a linky love at TheNextPost Although he made the post on April 2007, I believe it is never too late to express gratitude for such a generous act.

If you visit his blog, you can start reading from the latest post and go on reading until the last post. You might even want to read the next page's posts since all posts are quite interesting. One of the entries you should check is his post on "10 Great Articles of 2007 & Why You Should Read Them". You might agree or disagree with the contents of those blog posts that made it to the list but for sure, visiting them will be a lot of readings to do for a day


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