Increased Pagerank with Google's Recent PR Update

This is a hot topic few days ago but since I have not been actively working on my sites before the update, I did not expect any improvements on any of my sites' pageranks. I did not even bother to check until a few minutes ago.

If other website owners are asking questions why their PRs have been downgraded, I am just too happy to say that Journey to Earning Money Online, previously a PR1 blog, is now a PR2 blog. My other blog, LoadXtreme Mobile and Prepaid Loading Station has also been upgraded to PR2 from PR0. Surprise!!!

I still do not understand the theory on how Google ranks websites but who does anyway? There are lots of speculations on why some high ranking websites got downgraded but nobody has proven yet. Besides, Google continously changes its algorithm so there are always surprises under the hat.

So, how about you? Got upgraded or downgraded?


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