Manual Installation Problem of Ioncube Loaders at Dreamhost

That was a long night and I am so much ready to go to bed but I might forget posting some of the details regarding the manual installation of Ioncube Loaders at Dreamhost. So, I will finish first this post before taking a break.

One of the programs I want to test for a personal project I have in mind requires ioncube. Unfortunately, my current host - Dreamhost, does not a preinstalled ioncube nor offers support. If users want to use ioncube, then manually install it. As I can easily follow instructions (I thought so), I went through the instructions before step-by-step. Unfortunately, again, following the steps was unsuccessful. Ioncube loader on my Dreamhost account is not functional.

Not giving up easily, it's time to ask for help. Maaku was considerate enough to walk me through the instructions again, even introducing "putty" to me. That was a lengthy tutorial procedure. Surprise!!!!.... ioncube is NOT working ....arrggg....

Checked directory and files CHMOD settings, ok. .htaccess file content OK. I am getting desperate. Then out of desperation, I deleted the .htaccess file and checked the site. Now, it is working. I also tried placing back the .htaccess file but removed the contents, it still worked.

I am still not sure what will the effect of removing the commands

AddHandler php-cgi.php
Action php-cgi /cgi-bin/php.cgi

but I will try to find out later. For now, I really need some sleep.


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