Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Talks on Aid

Since I woke up, I have been infront of my monitor looking for the solution on my .htaccess problem. Searching for a solution entails browsing and reading that I am always sidetracked by interesting bits of information like this very interesting video presentation of Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the former Finance Minister of Nigeria during the 4-day TEDGlobal 2007 event.

I often received solicitation or most web users call them spam emails saying they are from Nigeria or the African continent and that they need to transfer some funds to an overseas account. When Africa is mentioned, the first picture that comes to our minds are the dry land caused by heavy drought, deaths caused by hunger and malnourished children.

I don't usually watch online videos especially random ones but this one is quite interesting. First the presenter is a Nigerian and second, she presents a different vision of what we usually picture out as Nigerian or Africans. The presentation is quite an inspiration. There is that hope of recovery for their country. If more and more people see such an inspiration everyday and act on it, then there is hope that poverty, not only in Nigeria or Africa, but all over the world can be lessened and hardships of the people will be alleviated.

More about Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
She is the first female Finance Minister in Nigeria. She attacked corruption to make her country more desirable for foreign investment and job creation. And she believed in the power of women making a difference.


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