Successful Upgrade to WordPress 2.3.1

A couple of Wordpress blogs I maintain are hosted at Dreamhost. With the recent WordPress code update to fix some bugs, manually updating a blog can be tedious especially if a number of blogs are being maintained by a single person. Although there are available automatic updater used by other WordPress bloggers, said updater still requires installation of some files for each blog. Offline or online, I always prefer to do things efficiently saving me time and effort (except reading :d) so if I can do it with a single click upgrade, why opt for the harder way? :d

This what makes hosting with Dreamhost a good experience (although other hostings are good as well :d) Dreamhost always update the scripts included in its 1-click install. The first time I used the 1-click install to upgrade was for Joomla. It was as easy as 1-2-3.

With WordPress, there were glitches with some but majority of the sites were successfully upgraded. But Customer Support was fast enough to work on the glitch and now, all of my WordPress sites are up-to-date.

The Dreamhost forum can be a lot of help but if you want immediate solution, I suggest you contact customer support. They can provide better solution to any problem :)


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