Successful Withdrawal of Paypal to GSIS Ecard

Since Paypal was finally approved to be fully accessible to Philippine users, many Philippine Paypal users have successfully withdrawn their Paypal funds to their bank accounts.

Now, it is my turn to say I finally got my Paypal funds.

I can say that Unionbank's service has greatly improved lately. Based on previous feedbacks from other Paypal users, it took them about 2 to 3 weeks to finally receive their funds. Most of them used Unionbank's EON Visa Electron Card.

I was waiting for feedback from other GSIS ecard users before making a withdrawal but since I can no longer wait (looks like only very few on my sector are still aware of Paypal's existence), I went ahead and made my withdrawal. My transaction was only about 3 (or 4 ) days which will depend on how you count the days. I made my Paypal withdrawal last November 17, 2007 and funds were on my GSIS ecard last November 20, 2007.

So if you have an unverified Paypal Philippines account and you have a GSIS ecard, you can use your GSIS ecard to verify. Rest assured you can successfully receive your funds.

Some important things to consider when you use your GSIS ecard to verify your Paypal account.

1. Enroll your GSIS ecard for online banking, call (02)810-4747 or 1-800-10-810-4747 (Domestic toll free). Inform customer service that you need the account for Paypal transaction.

2. After 3 to 4 days, check your online account if already active.

3. You can now login to your Paypal account and attach GSIS ecard. Be sure you have available funds because Paypal will deduct/charge $1.95.

4. Call again customer service after 5 to 7 business days for your EXPUSE number.

5. Attached the EXPUSE number to your Paypal account in order to be verified.


Anonymous said…
Hi, good thing i found your site bout GSIS Ecard. I would like to ask something. I don't have a gsis ecard, but my mother got one. I have created a paypal account under her name, so I'm sending all my earnings into her paypal account. I am planning to verify her paypal account, but since, you know pretty old people don't understand things like this. So I am planning to call the union bank hot line and pretend to be my mother. I would like to ask, what are the questions they are asking as to verify the identity of the caller. I want to plan everything before doing the special operation. Sayang naman yung funds ko sa paypal nia if they ko ma kuha diba? Pls, I need some of your help... I want to know the things they are asking after I informed them that I would like to use my mother's ecard to verify my mother's paypal account (of course, pretending that I own the gsis ecard). Please I need your help...

could you pls email me at

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