Twitter and Surfing Day

I have not visited my Twitter for about 3 months now so I decided to drop by while waiting for my downloads to finish. I noticed that I was not the only one who was in hiatus at Twitter. Maybe, they got tired of twittering :d or just too busy with their own lives like I was.

I have also update MyBlogLog to include my Twitter link. I still have not update my avatar at MyBlogLog to reflect what I am currently using. The avatar was changed due to the integration of the account with that of my YM account.

There's just too much updates going on with every program: new widgets, new codes, new merger, new options, etc. Some are placed on my SPAM emails which I seldom check. Talking about SPAM emails, I deleted about 1,500 SPAM emails. That's why I was able to read some important emails that got sorted wrongly.

I'll be checking for more updates I might have missed.


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