Will You Sell Your Money Making Blog?

I was bloghopping today and returning favors to MyBloglog visitors when I clicked on a link that led me to 45n5 post, The Current Value Of The Make Money Online Blogs. The post was about the value of some of the recently sold make money online blogs and possible valuation of 45n5's top 100 blogs when sold based on subscribers. Taking for instance Problogger with a subscriber of 34,846 is valued at $1,079,529.08.

How the valuation was made is quite interesting but the comments were far more interesting for me. Conflicting views whether to sell a make money online blog or not were given. Some would not even sell their blogs at a price above $20,000.00. I'd say that's a lot of money already.

Unfortunately, I do not have that much subscriber to make it to the $20,000 mark. But given an offer of above $20,000 or even at exactly $20,000, I'd sell my make money online blog. After all, that is what the blog is all about and selling it will be making money, too. With such amount, I can create other interesting blogs which I can decide later whether to sell again or not.
Creating and selling make money online blogs will be an interesting subject for the first post of a future blog, don't you think?


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