Paypal Phishing (Fake) Emails

Phishingor fake emails are rampant online. When I was an active e-gold user, I get phishing emails almost everyday. Since my e-gold email is separate from my regular email, I just ignore all emails that inform me my e-gold account was blocked.

Today, I received a Paypal phishing (fake) email. It is not the first time but I still decide to post it here since some web users are not yet aware about phishing emails. Below is a screenshot of the Paypal phishing email that I received.

  1. item #1 - Taking a closer look, the email header has spaces between "service", "@", "paypal." and "com"
  2. item #2 - It is only the email address that was placed.
  3. item #3 - Hovering the mouse over the link, the links points to item #4 and not the link that is displayed in item #3.

Below is a screenshot of the headers of real Paypal email correspondence.

  1. items #5 and #7 have no spaces
  2. item #6 shows the full name you registered with Paypal followed by Paypal email address.

To be safe, always open your Paypal account by typing the correct URL, You can also store the link in your Favorites folder.

When you receive fake, suspicious or Paypal phishing email, forward said email to


congratulations on being PayPerPost blog of the day
congratulations on being PayPerPost's blog of the day.
Fleur said…
Thanks for the comments. I wasn't aware of this until I read your comments and had to confirm it myself.

Thanks again for dropping by and goodluck. :)

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