Domain names .me Registration

Few days ago, I received a message from Netfirms to get my own domain name with the extension of .me. I was at first shocked to find out that one of my domain names has expired and the price has increased three-fold. Fortunately, it is just another landrush in the internet industry. The rush for grabbing domain names with dot me (.me) extensions.

So, what is .me?

After the landrush for .asia domains, .me is the latest domain extension gaining popularity. This is because of its large potential for both personal and commercial usage. It is presumed to becoming and projecting a more personalized approach to dealing business in the internet.

The government of Montenegro has been assigned the ME country code when itgained its independence in June 2006.

The latest events that happened before the open registration of the .me follows:

May 1 15:00 UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) - May 6 17:00 UTC: Montenegrin Sunrise
May 6 17:00 UTC - May 20 17:00 UTC: General Sunrise
May 20 17:00 UTC - June 6 15:00 UTC: Quiet Period
June 6 15:00 UTC - June 26 17:00 UTC: Land Rush
June 26 17:00 UTC - July 17 15:00 UTC: Quiet Period
July 17 15:00 UTC: Open Registration

Check out other details of the .me domain extension at


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