Expring Domains

That was a long post before this being busy with my current training but I have not been offline anyway. Posting a blog can take sometime and those few precious minutes organizing thoughts and writing them down are rather spent on figuring what C code should be used or getting familiar with some Katakana or Hiragana characters.

Well, today, that is still the case. But, I received an email from Netfirms. Netfirms is one of my domain registrars. The email informed me that my domain name is available. My files are stored on another PC (which is under maintenance) and I know that I have renewed the domains that are about to expire so I checked DomainTools. DomainTools result showed that the domain is still registered until October.

I checked back again the email and that's the only time I noticed that the extension is '.me' My Paypal account has no available balance right now and I would not renew a domain for $29.95. That was a relief.

I am not familiar yet with the dot me domain extension (is this the next domain extension after dot Asia?) so I'll make another post after.


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