Cleaning Blog Posts Day

My almost 3-months training ended last Friday with the next step still undecided. So, I have a free time until I return back to work on Thursday. I checked forum posts to be updated on what is going on to my favorite earning opportunities. They are still there and there are still many people being paid and newcomers enjoying the payments they are now receiving.

Then, I decided on spending an hour or 2 reviewing on what has happened to my journey to earning money online before working on my other pending personal projects. I browsed through the hundreds of posts and decided to do some 'cleaning'. Now, I feel more comfortable. Reading through the posts, I realized that I spent so much time time in blogging. But I know there are no regrets since I enjoyed the benefits of being a blogger.

There may or may not be a major decision in the next 2 weeks but my online activities including blogging will never be set aside. That would mean putting extra hour and effort on top of everything. Blogging has become and will always be a part of my regular routine.


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