Dipping My Hands into Reseller Hosting

I started my journey online with a free hosted personal page. When I began to find ways on how to earn money online, I started this blog. Although there were periods when I missed posting, I always come back like now.

Aside from my Blogger blogs, I also have free hosted sites at Awardspace.com. What I like about Awardspace before is the absence of ads and the ability to host my own domain name.

After the free hosted blog, I started to use shared hosting. My first shared hosting had so much resources that I was not able to use even 10% of what was in the package. Since renewing the hosting will just be wasting money, I tried to find a cheaper hosting instead of renewing.

I found a cheaper reseller webhosting account. I know how to register a domain but using customized nameservers and adding cPanel accounts to my account are new experiences. There were times when my sites are down because of some missed settings like yesterday but it was worth the experience when compared with the price I paid for a year. I know there are more to learn. In fact, I still do not have a page to promote my hosting except for a WordPress site with 3 packages splashed on the first 3 posts.

They say reseller webhosting is another dollar earner. As of now, I can't affirm it yet as I don't have enough time to promote this business. The competition is too stiff. Remember that promotion is always a key to a successful business.

For now, I am not thinking of transferring my hosting account. The technical support has been very accommodating and the support is always fast. This is very important for newbies to webhosting like me.

If you are looking for a personal webhosting, do contact me :) I can always offer a personalized package to anyone.


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