How Low Can Your Rate Be?

Checking my emails, I received an offline from someone I've known online. She was asking if I know someone who can write an article for her and she mentioned the rate. If my basis is my previous rates for article writing or blog posting, it is very, very low. If I tell you and you are a blogger, you will surely say "Whaaat?"

Considering that her client requires original articles about 100-words each, I honestly told her my thoughts on the subject. It is a personal preference anyway on whether to accept a low rate or earn nothing at all but it is still a very big question '?' mark

Considering that content is what had kept the internet alive and what powers most websites, content writing should be given more importance, I think so. There is the similarity between online writers and teachers. Teachers who are are responsible in helping our children become educated and better individuals almost always belong to the lower-bracket of income earners.

Very low payment is very rampant especially in bidding sites. Would you allow yourself to go that low? How low can you go? Is writing online still considered profitable if there are always writers who willing to accept lower than what others will accept as payment?


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