Nonpaying Employer

If you are doing business online and have not been that careful or have been careful but still became a victim, then this is just a reminder to be careful.

Doing business online means money and when there is a money, there is the tendency of being attracted to the sound of it. What I mean is this. When a person got hold of the money, even if he knows he owe someone and he has to pay it back, there is a possibility that he will delay the payment or never pay back at all. This is a very bad business practice.

I should have posted this a long time ago but the webmaster seemed to be professional enough with all the contracts and conditions he set before the work began. Trust always play a big role for online businesses and he seemed to play it very well.

Just to share my experience, I am talking about the webmaster/administrator/website owner of Fishers Travel SOS. I worked as Search Agent and another person I know worked as Country Editor for them a year ago and we were able to complete two guides. The offered payment for each guide was $250 and $300. Although the payment was not upfront and we were informed that payments for other nationalities are higher than what was offered, we still accepted the contract. We were also considerate enough not to accept the staggered mode of payment so as to save on money transfer fees so we told him to send the payments altogether.

Doing the guide takes a lot of time researching the entries. Since the place assigned to us is quite far, we even spent for long distance calls to confirm the contact details of the companies / persons included in the guide.

When the payment was supposed to be sent, some months after the publication, there were excuses and others. I badly needed the money then for personal reasons (and of course, I still badly need the money now for school fees since I am on training). The guides we finished were worth $500 and $600, respectively. In our country, that is already a big amount.

With numerous collection emails, he finally sent the payment for the first guide. The Country Editor did not receive any payment until now and I have not received yet the payment for the second guide. I am not quite sure if the Regional Editor was paid or not or whether other people who worked for them were paid or not. What I am posting here is he has not completed my payment and that he has not made any payment to the Country Editor.

My access to the webmail they provided was removed and even if I sent emails reminding them that they still owe us some money, they never responded.

It should be understood why I am not putting the link. If ever he or the administrators of the Fishers Travel SOS will read this and issue payments, I am willing to update this post.


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