To Learn or To Earn

Lately, posts on my journey to earning money online was scarce. I decided to go full time studying some information technology theories and studying consumes most of my waking hours. A full-day schedule at school and with courseworks and requirements to finish, I am on the satisfactory level. My performance is not at par as when I was younger.

It is fun studying, meeting personally young, intelligent and energetic people and get to interact with them but I always get sidetracked when I am already infront of my PC. I missed my earnings, few dollars it may be. I missed the excitement of testing the various opportunities. I missed my everyday online journey.

There are times when I am on the road and an inspiration for an article just pop out. Writing an article can also be time consuming especially if you have so much in mind but have I need to ignore since I have a Japanese class at 8AM and I am not yet familiar with the vocabulary for the day or that a final exam is scheduled at the end of the day.

I still have a few weeks left with no final decision yet, to learn or to earn. To learn means an opportunity outside of my own world now. It also means more sacrifices and more hardwork and more money to spend. Whatever the future may bring, there is always a place I can go back.

The webspace Journey to Earning Money Online will always be my space until BlogSpot is here so keep dropping by.


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