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VANYWHERE — Turn Time and Skills to Cryptocurrencies That Pays Bills

I hear some people saying they don’t have skills for any job so they tend to stick on what is there even if it is a low-paying job. Stuck on a job which they hate until they retire. I beg to disagree because even a housewife has a skill that she may offer or share with other housewives. Is it really their choice? Or is it only just because opportunity did not present itself to them?
Now, what if your skills can earn you a crypto even during traffic hours, even when you are just staying at home, a PWD, or any status you have now, would you be joining a program, a project or a platform? (Remember that cryptocurrencies now are really popular and unlike FIAT or paper money that are affected by inflation, values may increase overtime.)

With Vanywhere, time can turn into cryptocurrency. Real people, real skills, real time! Vanywhere is a skill-sharing platform that connects people who are seeking and offering skills via live video, voice & chat

Well, I would surely join. …

It's been awhile since my last update. I have been busy pursuing one of my goals and once I get good results then I will be sharing it with you.

For today, if you have not yet heard about it, I would like to share with you what I found. Take a look at the screenshot below.

It is clean and professional looking, right? Well, it is a new search engine and it's name is quite easy to remember,

One of the features I noticed immediately is that there are 2 ways to search. First is you can use the search box provided. Enter the keyword to search and you'll get fast and accurate results.

The second way to search is using the toolbar. Simply append your keyword to the main url,, and the results you'll get will be the same as that of using the search box. So when you want to search for the term 'earn money online', you can immediate enter money online on your toolbar.

Looking for something? Find it at

To Earn Money or To Acquire Page Rank

This question has put me into a standstill mode, To Earn Money or To Acquire Page Rank? If you are a website owner, particularly a blogger, who acquired a PR then lost it then maybe you are in the same dilemma.

Few minutes ago, while website hopping, I found an interesting note that says, "If you want to earn money online through your blog through paid links then forget page ranking." Somehow, I agree with this. PR does not guarantee earning. It may help add value to the links bought from the website but it can sometimes hinder blogger from fully monetizing the blog through various means since according to so-called experts, there are do's and don'ts in order not to be penalized by G.

When a person creates a website, particularly blog, one of the reasons is to earn money. Since blogging is heavily promoted as a means to earn money online, most newbie bloggers' goal is to write quality post in order to monetize their blog through paid blog post, paid links and other…