To Earn Money or To Acquire Page Rank

This question has put me into a standstill mode, To Earn Money or To Acquire Page Rank? If you are a website owner, particularly a blogger, who acquired a PR then lost it then maybe you are in the same dilemma.

Few minutes ago, while website hopping, I found an interesting note that says, "If you want to earn money online through your blog through paid links then forget page ranking." Somehow, I agree with this. PR does not guarantee earning. It may help add value to the links bought from the website but it can sometimes hinder blogger from fully monetizing the blog through various means since according to so-called experts, there are do's and don'ts in order not to be penalized by G.

When a person creates a website, particularly blog, one of the reasons is to earn money. Since blogging is heavily promoted as a means to earn money online, most newbie bloggers' goal is to write quality post in order to monetize their blog through paid blog post, paid links and other ads serving programs.

Instead of an 'or' in the middle, an 'and' will be very welcome.

But when it can't be done, which one would you choose, To Earn Money or To Acquire Page Rank?

Which one will yield more earnings?


Alison Perez said…
if only google made their page ranking algorithm public, many people will surely get hooked with this venture. but nonetheless, secrecy instills excitement and sense of challenge. too bad, this link discusses that adsense is header towards depreciation.
husnain said…
thanks for such valuable information ON THIS BLOG, Plz keep updating with new ideas...
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Will it be right to say "Acquire page rank to earn money?". Blogging is another way of earning money and it takes a lot of effort to succeed in order for you to earn money from your blog.

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