Filipino Data Entry Jobs

Today, I found too many postings about online data entry jobs for Filipinos. As usual.

Now here's the scenario of some of the data entry jobs posted.

You need to follow instructions a to c, post your answers and send your answers to an email. You need to follow instructions correctly. Do not forget to use the correct subject title for the email. Once you send an email, you will receive an autoresponder reply with instructions to follow. Instructions may follow this format:

  1. Visit the website or the url given. Take note that the website is only a job listing site, with no details on who or what company listed the job.
  2. Find the job you want and get the code.
  3. Find another job/announcement/posting and copy the title and the content.
  4. Post the job you found in step #3 to the list of sites that are given, could be more or less than 5 websites.
  5. Download an image and use it as your Facebook profile image.
  6. Download another image, post it on your wall and tag your friends.
  7. Add to your list of friends an FB verifier
  8. Email the urls where you posted the announcement, your FB profile URL, and the code of the job you are interested.
A variation of the above steps will be to require you to visit a number of websites, share links with summaries of the posts from the visited website on your FB profile, and write a well-researched, well-thought review of the sites you visited.

Here's another thing and quoting:
We require these steps to help employers weed out people who aren't serious, people that can't follow instructions, people with short attention spans or mere curiosity seekers. This filtering process helps the employers we list filter out only the BEST, MOST DILIGENT, and RELIABLE PEOPLE. It's easy to send a resume, it takes seriousness and effort to follow through a simple multi-step filtering process.
Filipino Data Entry Jobs

If you are in dire need of a job, whether part-time or full-time, you would follow the instructions up to the dot just to get the contact details of the online job posting. With the rigid requirements just to get the contact details, you would think that the online job posting is real and paying.

Are these data entry job postings really real and paying? Maybe, maybe not.

The job listing may have come from another job listing website but the contact details were kept so job seekers will follow the instructions. What were the instructions all about? It may be true that it is one way of filtering job applicants. But, is that all there is to the instructions?

The job applicants who followed the instructions carefully are already promoting the websites enumerated in the instruction without any expense from the website owner. The job applicants should already be paid for doing the website promotion /data entry job in behalf of the website owner. It seems I've forgotten to mention increased website traffic and visitors.

I am not against the process. But, was the job listing a real job with real pay? Were there any applicants accepted and paid? Has the job lister tested the job himself so as to require other Filipino online job seekers to go through such a rigorous process?

These are just some questions we need to ponder on.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for online jobs, visit Filipino Jobs Online for some job posting.


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