Blogsvertise November Update

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I am still checking and updating my blogs but can't wait to write a blog post on what I just found out about Blogsvertise.

Included in the tasks is the checking of referral links and actually checking the status of the websites. One of the sites I just checked is Blogsvertise, one of the blogging sites where I previously received payments for blog postings I've written. I started blogging for Blogsvertise early 2007 when there was no Paypal Philippines yet. Tasks were few and yet I got paid. As my studies took me almost 2 years to finish, that could also be the length of time I had not checked my programs including Blogsvertise.

I was surprised to find a number of pending tasks awaiting my blog entry dated as late as early 2009. And, my account is in Suspended status. :( I wonder why the tasks did not expire on their own since according to Blogsvertise, task offer expires within 5 days.

As I've mentioned, it was one of the paying programs I found online. And as per research, it is still paying. Let's hope my account will be restored to active status again. I'll keep you posted. Goodluck be with me. :)


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