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Myonlinejourney - Pagerank Penalty

Since myonlinejourney got Google pagerank penalty, from pagerank #3 to pagerank #0, I have not given much attention to its pageranking. There were other probloggers who experienced a pagerank downgrade. It was assumed to be due to the activities we were doing as paid bloggers. That was about 2 to 3 years ago. I have already started and partially abandoned other blogs as I decided to pursue graduate studies.

To cut the story short, I finished my graduate degree but I miss the thrill of earning money online. So, I started checking my materials, domains, payment processors, emails and passwords. I am re-learning the ins and outs of working on online jobs. And started checking the status of my websites.

Myonlinejourney - Pagerank #2

Wow! I do not know when it got ranked again by Google but today, this blog is PR #2. Am I elated? Of course, very much :)

Why? You should check my archives. Without much update, it still got a PR #2. Should I say, Mr. G found my website relevant? :)

Is pagerank (PR) important?

For webmasters, pagerank is important. But, there are also other important factors that a webmaster or website owner must consider which is dependent upon the objective of why the website was created. As it is controlled by Google, some webmasters ignore it as long as the website gets traffic and highly monetized. Although Google says PR is irrelevant, it is still used by many who understands PR as a means of valuing a website, the price of the domain in the marketplace, the price of backlinks, the price of articles, and the worth of the blogger.

I previously wrote an article related to pagerank, To Earn Money or To Acquire Page Rank. Feel free to share your opinions. :)


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